Monday, March 28, 2005

I hit Enter, that is gay, this is a tag on to the last blog. Myron's hit a big snag last week when the Sheriff strolled in seizing all the money and liquor right after we received a large liquor order. Liquor liscence has been revoked and until things get back on track, we're an underage, chem free bar and that's that. Very unfortunate, but as i'm told, things will be back to normal very soon. I also had a prelim interview at the radio station today to be an on air personality. I am very optimistic about this, and even though i am not walking into a job right away, i'm going to get trained down there, and put in a talent pool so i'll be on call after training is complete or whenever a spot is needed to be filled. I am very excited because it's the easiest way to get on the air without going to school off island. I'll keep you posted. Anyways, hopefully i can do this more frequently and not just fuck off all the time and post sparatically. Enjoy! Posted by Hello


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